Mt. Samat Shrine, a History and Nature Trip

If you want to learn about Philippine history and the journey behind the celebration of April 9 as a holiday, you should drop by this place and make yourself appreciative of your current state of living.
Located in Pilar, Bataan getting to this place by car is a bit tricky with its long winding road. Recommended to come up here on a non-rainy day. It's the safest time.
We arrived at the place early in the morning, the place opens up at 8am with P30 entrance for the museum and P50 parking fee.
When we went there, the place was still very foggy. We couldnt see traces of the big, white cross. We were a bit disappointed. We climbed up the stairs and all the way to the summit. Could have been a very beautiful view if the place was not covered in fog. :( We visited the museum too and learned more about the history of the Death March and how Filipinos have lived during that war.
When we are about to head back to our car, thats when the cross has showed up! Free from clouds and fog!!! I really thanked God for this miracle. We didnt end up wasting our visit.
Some opportunities on our visit:
They said there should be an elevator inside the cross so you get a better view of Bataan. This was not working when we were there.
No spots for food stop. As this place is frequented by visitors, a good food shops or two should be made available to encourage more visitors to drop by the place.
Overall, it was a good place to visit in Bataan!

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